WGAP864 Alarm Voice Module

WGAP864 Alarm Voice Module

WGAP864 Alarm Voice Module
Brand: RhinoCo
Product Code: WGAP864VM
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To increase the remote accessibility of your WGAP864 alarm system, you install the optional WGAP864VM phone adapter. Expansion board that enables the sending of alarm voice messages via bidirectional DTMF control.

With this module you can inquire about the status of your alarm system via telephone, and make changes to security settings. It allows arm, disarm, bypass, output triggering, siren cancelling and alarm monitoring. The module can also be configured to send alarm notifications to your phone.

- Full Voice Control of the WGAP864 Panel via Telephone Connection
- Remote Bidirectional DTMF Control
- Allows Arm, Disarm, Bypass, Output Triggering, Siren Cancel & Alarm Monitoring
- Selectable Reporting For All Events
- Requires PSTN or GSM Connection


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