Swann 8 Channel Network Video Recorder: 5MP Super HD NVR-7450 with 2TB HDD

Swann 8 Channel Network Video Recorder: 5MP Super HD NVR-7450 with 2TB HDD

Swann 8 Channel Network Video Recorder: 5MP Super HD NVR-7450 with 2TB HDD
Swann 8 Channel Network Video Recorder: 5MP Super HD NVR-7450 with 2TB HDD Swann 8 Channel Network Video Recorder: 5MP Super HD NVR-7450 with 2TB HDD
Brand: Swann
Product Code: SWNVR-87450
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Super HD 5MP Resolution

Swann’s latest state-of-the-art surveillance technology, known as 5 Megapixels (or 5MP), is 2.4x better than 1080p Full HD. Zoom in closer with incredible clarity to licence plates, facial features and clothing patterns


This Network Video Recorder comes with a massive 2TB hard drive. Only the Swann SWNHD-855CAM or Swann SWNHD-856CAM are compatible with this unit. 

Enjoy easy camera installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE) as each camera is powered via Cat 5 network cable connected to the NVR.


The HomeSafe Views app ensures you’ll always be connected to your home or business, allowing you to see the cameras on your phone or tablet. You can even search the recordings to play them back, wherever you are in the world.

Keep an eye at home on everything else that matters to you, such as your kids, pets or tradespeople. If you have a business, you can always see the cashier, warehouse and check in on your staff’s safety. And of course, if anything happens, you’ll have video evidence in 5MP Super HD.

Video Resolution Chart

Bike shop owner uses security at home & at work


Which product is the best one for me?

Swann has two 5MP NVR models and you can add 4K (8MP) cameras to the high-end one if you need higher resolution. See below how to differentiate the two systems to see which one best suits your budget and needs

  NVR-7450, 8 channels
4x 5MP Cameras
NVR-8000, 8 channels
4x 5MP Cameras
Main Differences
  • High quality NVR
  • General home & business use
  • No crime prevention analytics
  • Professional grade, premium quality NVR
  • Crime prevention analytics
  • 24 month manufacturer backed warranty
General Specs
Warranty 12 Months 24 Months
Hard Drive Capacity 2TB 2TB
Included Cameras’ Resolution 5MP 5MP
Maximum Resolution
(for optional cameras)
5MP 4K (8MP), 70% better than 5MP
Night Vision 40 metres 30 metres
Viewing Angle 70° 63°
Crime Prevention Software Analytics
Mobile Viewing
Face Detection
Smart Search
Line Crossing Detection
Intrusion Detection
Camera Tampering Detection
Scene Change Detection
Playback Features
QuickShot Cloud with Dropbox

View your home on your phone

You have peace of mind at your fingertips with our easy-to-install, free, HomeSafe View app. You can see the cameras live and play back recordings on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world. Keep an eye on your kids or babysitter at home, and monitor your staff and business for productivity and protection.

QuickShot Cloud saves snapshots to your Dropbox account

You can set up the security system to take still images and save them to your personal Dropbox account in the cloud. So even if your security system gets stolen or destroyed by any burglars, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can go online and access snapshots from your security cameras.

Massive surveillance grade hard drive

The massive 2TB HDD is designed especially for continuous surveillance recording. You can easily transfer incident video files to a USB stick or to a computer on your network. You can boost storage by setting up Motion Detection Recording. With such massive storage, you can come back from your long vacation and still find recordings from a while back.

Easier Installation with Power over Ethernet

Installation is now easier than ever with the NVR’s Ethernet ports which allow both the video signal and power to run from the NVR to the cameras through the same cable. Simply run the included CAT5 Ethernet cable from the camera to the NVR and click it into place, the same way you would connecting your computer to a router.

See everything day or night

At nightfall, the cameras automatically switch to infrared night vision and record in black and white allowing you to see up to 130ft (40m), so that you're sure to record anyone roaming around your property in the middle of the night.

Day to Night Vision Comparison

Low light vision

Thanks to its advanced image sensor, this camera will retain color image in very low light conditions, giving you valuable evidence, as color is useful for identifying cars and clothing.

Day Vision

Low Light Vision

Night Vision

Super HD 5MP with HDMI cable

The kit also includes an HDMI cable for generating up to 5MP Super HD video to your flat screen TV including LCD, LED TVs or monitors. The NVR also has a VGA connection for viewing up to 1080p Full HD on your LCD monitor or compatible TV with VGA input. VGA cable not included.

Record only what matters with Motion Detection

Motion Detection lets you select specific areas of each camera’s image you want to trigger automatic recording and alerts. This reduces the unnecessary false trigger recordings, such as cars driving in the street, birds & falling leaves, while boosting the HDD’s storage capacity.

QuickShot lets you quickly review recordings from multiple cameras

QuickShot is a time saver to find what you want from recorded footage. This feature lets you search all channels in a given period of time and then select the recordings from the search results to play as a slide show all in the same screen. Once you see an event of interest, such as someone roaming around your car, you can then go into that specific footage to watch the event.

QuickReview plays back various recordings from a single camera

Imagine arriving home to a broken window. Using QuickReview saves you time in identifying how and when it happened. Only one of the cameras will have covered that specific angle but as you can simultaneously play multiple recordings from a single channel, you can watch them all at once. The video is divided evenly depending on the split-screen mode that has been selected. For example, if the video is an hour long and you have selected 4 split screens, each will play for 15 minutes.

Swann NVR8-7450 Network Video Recorder
Video Input 8 Channels
Video Outputs VGA, HDMI
Display Resolution Up to 5MP (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Audio Input 1 x RCA
Audio Output 1 x RCA
Compression Format H.265+
Recording Mode Manual / Motion / Schedule
Recording Resolution 5MP
Playback Speed Frame Rate up to 15fps
Hard Drive  
HDD Capacity Up to 6TB
Network Connection SwannLink ‘Peer-to-Peer’
Network Interface RJ45 x 1
USB Interface USB 2.0 x 1, USB 3.0 x 1
Computer Operating System Windows, Mac OS
Internet Viewing Homesafe View 
Handheld Device Supported iOS, Android, 3G/4G Smartphones & Tablets
Dimensions 9.25" x 12.2" x 2", 235mm x 310mm x 53mm


  • NVR8-7450 8 Channel NVR
  • 2TB Hard Drive (installed)
  • HDMI Cable
  • Mouse
  • Power Adapter
  • Operating Instructions

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