Perisale myHome 2MP Bundle with 4 Channel TVR and 4 x 2MP Bullet Cameras

Perisale myHome 2MP Bundle with 4 Channel TVR and 4 x 2MP Bullet Cameras

Perisale myHome 2MP Bundle with 4 Channel TVR and 4 x 2MP Bullet Cameras
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myHome Bundle : 4x 2MP 1080P High Def TVI cameras : Bullet : 4Ch Perisale HD-1080P TVR : Hard Drive : Cable & Connector set (Coax RG59)

This kit also comes with Dome cameras for the same price - find those here

The Perisale myHome bundles ship as one of the industries most complete kits, ready for the home handy man (or woman), security consultant, electrical trades professional or technical support expert to install.

This kit uses the industry standard RG59 coax cabling for rapid, easy deployment and maximum value proposition.

Rather than requiring you to fuss about with difficult to crimp and terminate bulk cable rolls, complex connectors and power jacks your Perisale myHome bundle includes pre-terminated cables ready to use.

The Recorder:

You will see this kit ships with the great little Perisale 4 channel TVR.  A TVR is able to connect to three types of camera; analog, HD-TVI and IP.  Analog is a very old style camera similar in quality to televisions VHS while HD-TVI and HD-IP are both 1920x1080P resolution ready (so that is like BlueRay).

In this kit you will connect using the HD-TVI standard with Perisale Series 3 HD-TVI cameras and coax cabling for full high definition recording.

The Perisale TVR comes with a 1TB hard drive storage drive as standard to archive your video footage.  While it is difficult to say definitively how long you will be able to store footage for, given the variables involved as an estimate with 4x cameras, 1TB storage, typical motion detection and 15 frame per second recording this should allow for up to 10 days of archive.  Increase your hard drive capacity if this does not seem enough.

The cameras:

This Perisale myHome bundle comes with our highest selling cameras; the Chief and Scout S3 Multiconnect 2MP fixed lens domes and bullets.

These cameras include a fixed 3.6mm lens that “look” in a typical 87° field of view with an in focus point 3 to 4 meters from the camera.  They are ideal for typical standard use, both indoors and out.  A few screws and connection with the included coax cable and you are ready to record.

The accessories:

All Perisale DIY kits include a great range of accessories for professional installation.  The myHome bundles include what is called “Siamese” coax.  Siamese coax specifically is two cables joined together.  One cable is of RG59 standard and is used for the video signalling with BNC male connectors on each end while the other cable carries the 12 volt DC power with the associated male and female connectors on each side.

If you require longer cable runs than the standard 15 foot or 20Meter upgraded commercial cable options then you can simply purchase additional cables and join them together with a BNC barrel connector.  You may do this a few times with little noticeable video quality loss.

If you would like to view your CCTV cameras from mobile apps or remote from your work or other location you will need to connect the Perisale TVR to your home ADSL router.  A small cable is included with the TVR for this purpose but if you need a long one this must be purchased.

A power brick and splitter cable for your cameras 12V DC needs is of course also included so power everything up, connect the Perisale TVR with the supplied HDMI cable to your TV or monitor and you will be recording and viewing video footage in no time.

What’s not included:

Your energy
Your TV or Monitor
Your ADSL Home Internet service or other Internet connection.

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